Saturday, 5 December 2015

Ken's flight from Brisbane to Port Moresby

Air New Guinea Flight ANG 6

ANG 6 is taxiing  to runway in Brisbane
ANG 6 is lifting off in Brisbane
Circling Brisbane and heading out to sea
Heading up the coast
Past Bundaberg closely following QFA61 To Tokyo both at 36,000 feet
By now there is a bit of air traffic in SE Asia
Still following QFA61 who is now getting ahead at 450 kt
QFA61 to Tokyo is still leading at 36,000 feet
ANG 6 has circled for a southerly approach into POM
ANG 6 has landed in POM

Ken then changed on a NG F100 from Port Moresby to Rabaul. Although Rabaul airport now is in Kokopo, since the previous airport was destroyed in the volcanic eruption a few years back.

A vast improvement from the F28s we used to fly in the 60s
The ANG274 (PX274) is flying over the highlands
HereAnd out towards New Britain

Here the pictures stopped. Rabaul airport has no radar and Flightradar24 is powered by radar. So no more pictures.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

More Photos from Diane

Hi Ian,

Here are some more photos of U3A classes in Logan District. 

Pic 1 - Movie making Class

Pic 2 - Movie making Class

Pic 3 - Camera Club Practical Session

Pic 4 - Walking for Fitness Group

Pic 5 Camera Club Technical lesson

Pic 6 - Ukulele Singalong Group

Pic 7 - Walking for Fitness Members

Pic 8 - Learn to Blog Class

Pic 9 - Camera Club Excursion

Pic 10 - Camera Club Excursion to GOMA

Pic 11 - Camera Club Excursion to GOMA

Pic 12 - Ukulele Class

Pic 13 - Walking for Fitness Rest Stop

Pic 14 - Walking for Fitness Group

Pic 15 - Camera Club Excursion to Currumbin Sanctuary
Click on them to enlarge, then let me know if you like any so we can send them in TIFF format.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Photos for Ian

Photos of classes. Once again to view them bigger click on them. If you want any let us know and we will send them in tiff format big enough to print.

1.Camera club practical lesson

2. Camera club theory lesson

3. Ukulele lesson in Hawaiian dress

4.Walking for Fitness in Daisy Hill Forest

5, How to Blog lessons at Bohlen's house

6. Camera Club field trip to Ipswich Rail Museum

7. Camera Club field trip for night shoot.

8. Camera club field trip to GoMA.

9. Camera Club field trip to GoMA

10.Ukulele lessons

11. Walkers having a rest

12. walkers struggling up hill.

13 Camera Club field trip to Currumbin Sanctuary

14 Bill Bohlen's Movie Making Class

Some of Diane's shots:

15 Mayes Cottage

16. Portrait

17 Emerald Lake Canada

18 Grand Canyon

19 Daisy Hill Forest Park

20 WA beach

21 Cleveland Point

22 Gold Coast

23 Falls in Smoky Mountains,Tenesee