Saturday, 11 July 2015

Logan U3A Camera Club Photos for Ian's Book

Here are the photos submitted by our members for your consideration.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Then, if you wish, right-click on them to save them your computer.

If you like any, please tell me which ones and I'll get the members to send them to you direct in full size.



Pic 1 Carol Shaw
Pic 2 Des Wilkinson

Pic 3 Des Wilkinson

Pic 4 Des Wilkinson

Pic 5 Elaine Wells

Pic 6 Elaine Wells

Pic 7 Elaine Wells

Pic 8  Jan Kazakoff

Pic 9 Jan Kazakoff

Pic 10 Jan Kazakoff

Pic 11 John Rogers

Pic 12 John Rogers

Pic 13 John Rogers
Pic 14 Rod Holmes

Pic 15 Rod Holmes

Pic 16 Rod Holmes

Pic 17 Rosalind Dyer

Pic 18 Rosalind Dyer

Pic 19 Rosalind Dyer

Pic 20 Yvonne Stubblety

Pic 21 Yvonne Stubblety

Pic 22 Yvonne Stubblety